ARA Newsletter Summer 2017

What will Brexit mean for Farming?


  • UK Agriculture could see a ‘Return to Growth’
  • CLA set out demarcation lines for UK food and farming
  • Calls for animal welfare Subsidies

Newsletter Summer 2017

HMRC Issuing Hefty fines to eBay and Amazon Traders


  • Smailes Goldie Group welcomes City of Culture celebrations through its doors with Art Exhibition
  • Smailes Goldie Group urges businesses to continue their plans for digital tax

ARA Newsletter Winter 2016

The 2016 basic payment scheme is set


  • Nearly £50 million claimed following farm fires in 2015
  • Farmers could cut tax

Agriculturegroup News Issue 2 2016

Consumers demand action for fairer food production


  • Farmland prices expected to fall following sharp drop in demand
  • Farm borrowing hits record high of £17.8 billion

ARA Newsletter Spring 2016

Farmers Can Now Apply for Government Funding


  • World’s first robot-run farm to open in Japan

Agriculturegroup News Issue 1 2016

NFU criticises RPA payments ‘fiasco’


  • Significant fall in farm incomes predicted for 2015/16
  • Improvements made to unpopular Countryside Stewardship Scheme

ARA Newsletter Autumn 2015

Arable Farmland Value Rises


  • Reducing red tape
  • Easier planning for farmers?

Newsletter Autumn 2015

Auto-enrolment fines are set to surge


  • We lend our support to grass root sports
  • Smailes Goldie rewards tomorrow’s talent

Agriculturegroup News Issue 2 2015

Tough times cause farms cash flow problems


  • ‘Drastic rethink’ needed on council-owned farms
  • Weak end-of-season fertiliser prices benefit buyers

ARA Newsletter Spring 2015

Basic Payment Scheme – Don’t miss the deadline!


  • Permitted Development Rights – A new income source?
  • Farm-based Ad and Hydropoer Schemes get the green light from UK lenders
  • Environment Secretary: Farming is key to Britain’s economy

Newsletter Spring 2015

Over 40% of businesses delay Auto-Enrolment


  • European VAT rules already impacting on firms
  • HMRC establishes safeguards to new debt recoveery powers
  • Skills shortage and red tape halt SME growth, survey finds

Agriculturegroup News Issue 1 2015

SPS claimants warned against fraudsters


  • Care needed when negotiating with mobile network operators
  • Farm incomes boosted by campsite bookings

Agriculturegroup News Issue 2 2014

Farmers’ earnings up 13%


  • Cuts to stewardship payments
  • Training funding in animal health and crop growing

Newsletter Summer 2014

Auto-enrolment is well on it’s way

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AIA Newsletter August 2014

Annual Investment Allowance – Potentially only £381,250 for March 2016 year ends

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Our ARA specialists can provide expert tailored advice on how to take full advantage of this extended offer by investing in plant and machinery for your business.

ARA Newsletter Summer 2014

Long-term strategy needed for UK food security


  • Farming minister hits out at cap
  • Annual investment allowance doubled

Charities & Education Issue 1 2014

Regulators announce details of new SORP requirements


  • Charities warned to protect against cheque fraud
  • Academies slow to make use of new freedoms
  • HMRC’s paper on ‘charities for tax avoidance’

Agriculturegroup News Issue 1 2014

Single payment scheme – apply on line!


  • English farmland prices reach record high
  • New pesticide regulation – ‘costly’ failure to comply

ARA Newsletter Winter 2013/2014

Inheritance Tax Boost for Farming Families


  • Wheat Harvest Sets New Record
  • Think Long-Term on Tenancies, Says NFU Chief

Winter Newsletter 2013/2014

Employers need to be prepared for Auto-Enrolment


  • You’re no A-Loan on Finance
  • 2013… A Year to Remember
  • National Insurance Cut Countdown